Preparing For Divorce

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Preparing For Divorce

When you decide to divorce your partner then you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of this decision.  In this article we provide some divorce advice for women which can help them to get themselves ready so that they are better able to cope with the situation.

1. Start Saving - You will need to have your own money when it comes to getting divorced.  Remember you still need to maintain a good level of living for not just yourself but your children also if you have them.  So it is important that you open your own bank account as soon as possible in which you can place funds.  Remember you will have your lawyer’s costs to cover whilst the proceedings are taking place.

2. Track Your Divorce Proceedings – If you can use a calendar or desk diary which you can keep a track of all the important events relating to your divorce.  This way you will be better able to track the meetings with your lawyer along with any court deadlines that you need to meet.  This is also useful way of tracking and keeping note of any discussions that you may have with your spouse.

Sometimes such records can be used as evidence in the divorce proceedings to show when your partner did not keep an appointment or they violated a court order or agreement. This is the ideal way of recording the times when your partner has the right to spend time with the children.  Plus you can use it as a way of showing how much you participate in your children’s lives.

3. Create A To Do List – Using such a list will help you to be organized and set up those things which are of importance during the divorce.  So what you need to do is write down everything that you need to do and as you complete each one of them mark them off.  The best way to do this is by using a large black marker to completely wipe them out.

4. Get Yourself A Divorce Notebook – As you will soon discover when the divorce proceedings start a lot of paperwork is then generated.  In order to keep track of everything given to you the best thing you can do is keep it all in a ring binder.  It is best that you not only create a index relating to all papers held within it but place them all in chronological order.  You should place the most recent documents received at the front of each section of the binder.

5. Reduce Your Expenditure – If you have any debts in your name such as loans or credit cards then you need to get these reduced as much as possible prior to the divorce.  Remember you will have to live off just your income rather than your partners as well. 

In order to further help reduce how much you spend each month then thing about selling the car you have currently and getting a cheaper model.  If you can limit what you spend on frivolities and if your children are old enough to understand explain why cut backs have to be made.  Should you find that your partner is unwilling to support you and the children voluntarily then seek a court order for them to do so.

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