Divorce Tips For Her http://divorcetipsforher.com Wed, 20 Sep 2017 07:25:50 +0000 en hourly 1 © alextg alextg No No Divorce Secrets http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-secrets http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-secrets#comments Mon, 19 Apr 2010 22:12:15 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=37 I found a women's divorce product that I think you might find interesting. It's called Divorce Secrets.

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Divorce Strategies and Tactics http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-and-tactics http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-and-tactics#comments Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:42:37 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=34 Are you prepared for divorce? Completely 100% positive you're ready? Probably not, right?

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This eBook was written to help women who were getting bad divorce advice. The wisdom in this book will help you:

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  • get a rational viewpoint during this emotional period.
  • formulate your plan of action.
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Divorce and Women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-and-women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-and-women#comments Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:12:40 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=30 I came across a product that helps women with divorce that I think you all should hear about. It's called Divorce and Women.

What is Divorce and Women?

Divorce and Women is a collection of eBook products designed to help you with whatever goals you currently have. There are books for:

  • repairing your marriage.
  • and

  • how to win when facing divorce.

They can also help you decide whether or not you need legal representation and find you legal representation if you do need it.

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Dating After Divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/dating-after-divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/dating-after-divorce#comments Tue, 06 Apr 2010 21:04:13 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=27 A book could probably be written about dating after a divorce. The emotional toll that one takes from going through a divorce is not something to take lightly. There are so many varying circumstances that lead to divorce that you have to ask yourself, "when am I really ready to start dating again?"

There can be a temptation to rush back into the dating world. After all, the relationship with your husband has, unfortunately, failed, and it certainly would feel nice to have those feelings of new love once again with someone else. However, be cautious about allowing a longing for these romantic feelings to lead to rushed decisions in the dating world.

Depending on the severity of the differences between you and your ex-husband, many men on the dating market might seem like great catches, but that doesn't mean they're a good fit for you in the long term. Ask yourself what your objective in the dating world is. Are you just looking for a good time? A casual friendship with some of the benefits of having someone of the opposite sex around? A serious, romantic relationship with marriage-potential for the future? Spend some significant time thinking about what you really want and approach the dating world with this objective in the forefront of your mind at all times. Some men will be right for you in some ways and wrong for you in other ways.

As a general rule of thumb, resist the impulse to jump back into a serious relationship with someone else. A rebound can be fun and therapeutic, but you don't want to take it too far. You're in a very stressful and confusing stage of your life. Do yourself a favor and avoid jumping back into a serious situation with a member of the opposite sex until you've given yourself ample time to heal in the wake of your divorce.

Now is the time to be very picky! Make a list of things you want and expect from another man. Feel free to date around and have a good time, but if a guy you're dating doesn't meet the things you put on that list, politely back away. Stay true to yourself and look out first for your children, if you have any, and second for yourself. Everything else is a very distant third. You'll know when you're truly ready to have another man in your life. Immediately following your divorce is probably not that time.

Helping Kids Cope with Divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/helping-kids-cope-with-divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/helping-kids-cope-with-divorce#comments Tue, 06 Apr 2010 20:48:37 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=25 Divorce can be incredibly hard on children of any ages. Often, children of a couple going through a divorce find the process very confusing and can frequently tend to blame themselves for the separation of their parents. It is one of the most stressful processes a child can go through. Your child might feel angry, sad, confused or all of the above. Communication is critically important to help your children get through the divorce of their parents.

First, encourage your children to ask any and all questions they have regarding divorce. Promise them that you will answer these questions truthfully and sincerely. It is important that you help your children understand how the divorce will affect their life. While there are obvious differences between you and the father of your children, the two of you need to be in lock step with regards to helping your children cope with the divorce. If the two of you can communicate about only one topic, make sure it's about your children.

Work to establish a stable custody routine. Children are able to cope with divorce much better when they know where they'll be staying and on what days. Don't make their lives a guessing game of where they'll be sleeping on any given night. Reassure them that everything is going to be okay, that both you and their father still love them just as much as you always have. Help them by making time at their father's place as special as possible. Now is the time to set aside the differences between you and your ex-husband. This means you should never badmouth their father to their face. Divorce is already stressful enough for your children, don't make it even more stressful by making them feel like they're the rope in a game of tug-of-war.

If your children express disappointment at having to visit their father's, do not use this as an opportunity to get them on your side regarding the differences that took place in your marriage. Always stay positive. No matter how hard it might be, suggest to the kids that they will have a wonderful time at their fathers and give them ideas and strategies to help make this happen. When they pack for a weekend at their fathers, have them take stuffed animals, favorite movies, and anything else that can help make their stay at his domicile feel like "home" as much as possible.

Remember, children follow the lead of their parents very closely. If you badmouth their father or display contempt towards him, it's going to make the children feel like they have to choose sides. That is not fair to them. They deserve to feel loved and protected by each of their parents. You wouldn't want your ex-husband saying bad things to your children about you, so grant him the same respect by not doing it the other way around.

Divorce Strategies For Women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-for-women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-for-women#comments Sat, 13 Sep 2008 09:13:53 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=9 Divorcing a spouse can be an extremely difficult time and it is even more difficult to go through alone. No one expects a divorce to come into their lives, but sadly, it can at any time. It is important to be educated on the legal matters that can come up as well as being prepared both mentally and financially. This of course, is easier said than done and so, there are many divorce strategies which can take away some of the stress of going through a divorce.

Certain strategies will have to begin immediately in order to ensure a successful divorce. The first thing you should do as soon as there is potential for a divorce, is look for a good lawyer. This lawyer should explain everything to you in a way you will be able to understand while looking out for your best interests. Lawyers can help explain many of the legal proceedings and help you to make the best decisions.

Organizing strategies is very important. All files and financial information need to be in order so lawyers can have easy access to it. All of the paperwork for any investments as well as joint bank accounts, credit cards and mortgage payments from the marriage should be compiled so any decisions can be made easier. Choosing strategies and deciding on the next move to make, many times are based on savings which have accumulated during the marriage.

One of the most important things, which is many times overlooked, is setting any life or accident insurance policies in order. You need to make sure that money is being sent where it is supposed to and does not fall into the wrong hands. Any beneficiaries that are listed need to be updated in order to protect your assets. Tax returns also need to be reviewed for the same reason.

Everything you own has to be protected. It is very possible that your ex could empty out bank accounts or cash in policies. Going through a divorce can be a financial strain and the last thing you want is money to be taken without you being aware. Many banks will allow for a spouse to clear out joint accounts and so, before you decide on any strategy, it is crucial to transfer any accounts to your name only.

Creating a good strategy when going through a divorce is very important. The proceedings can get very messy and having intelligent strategies ready will help prepare you for anything that may come up. It is also important to get help if you are inexperienced with the legal aspects of divorce. The decision of divorce can be unexpected and in order to protect yourself and your assets, coming up with a plan of action can provide organization in the chaos divorce often brings.

How To Win A Divorce Settlement Agreement http://divorcetipsforher.com/how-to-win-a-divorce-settlement-agreement http://divorcetipsforher.com/how-to-win-a-divorce-settlement-agreement#comments Sat, 13 Sep 2008 08:51:38 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=7 Going through the process of divorce is stressful and complicated enough. Not only are you faced with problems of a marriage ending but, you also have to deal with winning a divorce settlement agreement. It can be extremely difficult to come to an agreement that you are comfortable with and works out for you but, there are a few tips that can ensure you end up with the divorce settlement agreement you want. Knowing a few simple tips can make all the difference when settling an agreement.

The key to winning a divorce settlement agreement is having a good lawyer. Your lawyer should be able to explain all legal details to you and clarify anything you do not understand. Any lawyer you have should be trustworthy, know how divorce settlements work and be capable of negotiating an agreement that is in your best interest. The best lawyers will have had experience in this field and know how the system works. You need an excellent lawyer because it is almost certain that your ex will have done the same.

It can be crucial in winning a divorce settlement agreement to be prepared. Since you will not know prior to the judging what will happen, you have to expect anything. All documents and paperwork pertaining to shared assets during the marriage need to be on hand in case they are needed. These also may be needed by the lawyer and being unable to find these documents will only hurt the case.

Documentation which will prove your point are very important to divorce settlement agreements. Anything without proof is hearsay and it will be your word against your ex’s. Not being able to prove what happened or particular events will result in a settlement agreement that is not exactly what you wanted. Documentation is also important because if your ex says something against you, you can prove them wrong and clear your name.

Since you know the divorce will eventually lead to a divorce settlement agreement, you should not do anything against your ex. Remember that during the judgement, you will have to account for everything. Many people will take money out of a spouse’s account or take more out of a joint account and if your ex can show documentation, your case will be less credible. Your ex may also lie about transactions that were made and so receipts and dates of all money that was taken out should be kept as proof.

Many people do not know these tips and end up with a divorce settlement agreement which is in favor of their ex. It is important to make sure you are educated about winning the settlement and all the steps necessary that will give you a successful settlement.

Preparing For Divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/preparing-for-divorce http://divorcetipsforher.com/preparing-for-divorce#comments Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:15:59 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=12 When you decide to divorce your partner then you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of this decision.  In this article we provide some divorce advice for women which can help them to get themselves ready so that they are better able to cope with the situation.

1. Start Saving - You will need to have your own money when it comes to getting divorced.  Remember you still need to maintain a good level of living for not just yourself but your children also if you have them.  So it is important that you open your own bank account as soon as possible in which you can place funds.  Remember you will have your lawyer’s costs to cover whilst the proceedings are taking place.

2. Track Your Divorce Proceedings – If you can use a calendar or desk diary which you can keep a track of all the important events relating to your divorce.  This way you will be better able to track the meetings with your lawyer along with any court deadlines that you need to meet.  This is also useful way of tracking and keeping note of any discussions that you may have with your spouse.

Sometimes such records can be used as evidence in the divorce proceedings to show when your partner did not keep an appointment or they violated a court order or agreement. This is the ideal way of recording the times when your partner has the right to spend time with the children.  Plus you can use it as a way of showing how much you participate in your children’s lives.

3. Create A To Do List – Using such a list will help you to be organized and set up those things which are of importance during the divorce.  So what you need to do is write down everything that you need to do and as you complete each one of them mark them off.  The best way to do this is by using a large black marker to completely wipe them out.

4. Get Yourself A Divorce Notebook – As you will soon discover when the divorce proceedings start a lot of paperwork is then generated.  In order to keep track of everything given to you the best thing you can do is keep it all in a ring binder.  It is best that you not only create a index relating to all papers held within it but place them all in chronological order.  You should place the most recent documents received at the front of each section of the binder.

5. Reduce Your Expenditure – If you have any debts in your name such as loans or credit cards then you need to get these reduced as much as possible prior to the divorce.  Remember you will have to live off just your income rather than your partners as well. 

In order to further help reduce how much you spend each month then thing about selling the car you have currently and getting a cheaper model.  If you can limit what you spend on frivolities and if your children are old enough to understand explain why cut backs have to be made.  Should you find that your partner is unwilling to support you and the children voluntarily then seek a court order for them to do so.

Divorce Strategies for Women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-for-women http://divorcetipsforher.com/divorce-strategies-for-women#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2008 14:28:22 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=6 Are you one of the many women in the world today who have suffered the mental anguish and pain of going through divorce? There is no way to sugar coat it, divorce can be very nasty and lawyers will drag out all of your “dirty laundry” so to speak for the whole world to see. Just so the legal council can try to prove you a bad person (by their standards) or even a “bad mom” if you have kids.

Thinking of going through a divorce is difficult but when it happens you just have to push on and deal with what is thrown at you so to speak. If you have the right information and are prepared for how down and dirty that it can get, and then surely you will find that everything will go more smoothly and you won’t feel as stressed out too.

Here are a few tips to remember when preparing for your divorce:

1) Make sure that you have all of your important paperwork together; your lawyer will want them. The papers that you should gather are just about everything you have regarding you and your soon to be ex. Get the information all joint bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage details and any investments that you might have gone into together.

2) Another very good point is to make sure that you know what your financial situation is, all too many woman make this mistake and it ends up coming back to bite them so to speak. Prepare yourself; familiarize yourself with any investments and savings that you might have gotten while you were married.

3) Even if you are just in the beginning of considering the D word, it is an excellent idea to find the right lawyer as soon as possible. If you have a good family attorney, he or she will most likely represent you if he or she is not already representing your ex. A good lawyer will explain everything to you in detail and let you know your options; he won’t let you get surprised.

4) Make sure that you have issued a new beneficiary on any life or accident insurance that you might have. Many people forget this little issue and in the end, the wrong people will be getting the money that you meant for someone else. Also, make sure that your tax returns are in the proper order.

Hopefully this article has helped any women out there that have gone through or are sadly going through a divorce now. Think of it this way, even if you don’t really see it right now…there is life after divorce! If you try to follow the tips provided it will help you better understand your situation and maybe even give you the tools that you need to get through it with as little stress to you as possible.



5 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You http://divorcetipsforher.com/5-signs-that-your-husband-is-cheating-on-you http://divorcetipsforher.com/5-signs-that-your-husband-is-cheating-on-you#comments Tue, 27 May 2008 14:49:02 +0000 alextg http://divorcetipsforher.com/?p=5 by Johnny White

Every wife first starts to suspect that her husband is cheating on her through a hunch and feeling. Unfortunately, you can't just go and accuse him of cheating based on a hunch. You need good proof. You can get that proof by watching some of the signs that he gives off. In this article were going to take a look at five signs that indicate your husband may be cheating on you.

Sign #1 Stops Confiding In You: People who are in love share themselves with one another on an emotional level. They tell their spouse what they are thinking and what they are up to. Most importantly your husband asks you for your opinion on things. When your husband starts cheating you will see a reduction in that sort of conversation. It will eventually get to the point where you feel distant from him.

Sign #2 Spends All Night On The Computer: This is one of first and major signs that you may see from a cheating husband. There is a good chance he has hooked himself up with a woman online. You may to see if he is deleting his surfing history and opened a new email account. Consider installing some spy software on your computer to see what he is really up to.

Sign #3 He Carries Condoms: You might be surprised to find that your husband is carrying condoms on him. He will do it if he thinks you won't find them. This is only a problem if you are on the pill or haven't been using condoms. Yet this is a sure sign if there ever was one. You may just want to take a peek into his wallet sometime.

Sign #4 Stops Having Sex With You: This one should be obvious, but it might not hit you right off the bat. Sometimes you might not realize that you haven't had sex after a month has gone by. Has he tried to have sex with you? Have you tried to initiate sex during this time? This is something that you need to keep in mind.

Sign #5 Less Comfortable Around You: Have you noticed any change in your husbands behavior around you? Often a cheating husband may not want you to touch him, talk about intimate details, or respond poorly to questions of his behavior. If you your husband seems to be nervous around you then he may be cheating on you.

These signs are just the beginning. From here you need to get more proof that your husband may be cheating. It's possible that you may want to hire a professional investigator to dig up the real dirt on this. Remember not to accuse him of anything until you can be sure that he is cheating on you.

Find out how you can catch your cheating lover or spouse at <a href="http://www.catchmycheatinglover.com/">catch a cheating lover</a> Learn all the signs to catching your <a href="http://www.catchmycheatinglover.com/5_signs_of_a_cheating_husband.html">cheating husband here</a> by cheating expert Johnny White.